Our Leadership

FCC is Congregation-governed, managed by the Board of Deacons and Board of Trustees, and led by the Pastor, under the Headship of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Congregation has the final say in approving budgets, electing officers, and calling pastoral staff. Additionally, when the congregation acts prayerfully together, as in a congregational meeting, decisions by the whole congregation are believed to be led by God’s Spirit and must be followed by the leaders and members.

Managed by Board of Deacons and Board of Trustees

  1. The Board of Deacons shall assist the Pastor in promoting the spiritual welfare of the church and the community.  Such as:  Preparing the sacraments of the Lord’s Supper, aiding in the administration of Baptism, caring for those in need, assisting in the conduct of public worship as the Pastor requests, education, missions and bereavement.
  2. The Board of Trustees shall have the care and custody of the property of the church, shall have the power to retain or dismiss the services of all paid members of the church’s staff except for the Pastor, and shall have charge of all funds received for the administration of the temporal affairs of the church.

Led by the Pastor

The Pastor shall promote the spiritual welfare of the church and those whom it serves, be responsible for the conduct of all meetings for public worship and administer the sacraments, and have supervision of the church work in all of its departments.  He shall be an ex-officio member of all Standing and Special Committees.

He shall be called or removed, and his salary fixed, only by the vote of a majority of the members present and qualified to vote and voting at a congregational meeting called for that purpose.